Alan Burgess 

Transforming clay into timeless art!

Alan Burgess, a master potter known for his exceptional craftsmanship and beautiful work, welcomes you to his official website! With decades of experience, Alan has honed his skills to create stunning and intricate pieces that showcase his dedication to the art of pottery. This site offers a comprehensive look into Alan’s work, artistic vision, and inspirations. We hope you find it informative, inspiring, and engaging. Thank you for stopping by and we can’t wait to share Alan’s unique artistry with you!

Series of work

Wood Fire series

Wood fire kiln pottery is a process of firing ceramic pottery in a kiln using wood as the fuel source. The firing process involves stacking the pottery in the kiln, which is then sealed with bricks and clay to create airtight conditions. Wood is then loaded into the kiln, and the firing process begins.


high fire reduction

High fire reduction pottery is a process of firing ceramic pottery at high temperatures in a kiln with a reducing atmosphere. This means that during the firing process, oxygen is removed from the kiln environment, creating a reducing atmosphere that chemically alters the surface of the clay and glazes used in the pottery.


black pots

The Black pots are a radical change in direction, they get away from the surface enrichment techniques of wax resist, overlapping glazes, brushed and drawn imagery and the changing atmospheres in the kiln.
An exploration of thrown forms with a Lucie Rie mat black glaze, fired in a neutral atmosphere in an electric kiln to a soft cone 10.


Stem Pots

The process of building a stem pot on a potter’s wheel is an embodiment of the artist’s vision and creativity. The potter’s hands are the tools that shape the clay.


Ancestor Series

The Ancestor series is a collection of ceramic pots that pays homage to the legacy and wisdom of our ancestors. Each pot is a unique work of art, with its own individual story and character. 


Soda Fire

Soda firing is a process of firing ceramic pottery in a kiln with a soda-based glaze. During the firing process, soda ash is introduced into the kiln at high temperatures, which then reacts with the glaze to create a range of unique effects on the surface of the pottery.


“The challenge for me is creating a dialogue with the clay that allows me to tease it into the form I have in my imagination. Some surfaces get covered with drawings telling stories using ancient symbols, researched from many sources and cultures, as far back as 6000 BC.”

Upcoming Shows and Workshops

Upcoming shows, events, and workshops offer a chance to experience the beauty of handmade pottery created by one of the most skilled artisans in the field. Alan’s work is a testament to his passion and dedication to the craft.


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Transforming clay into timeless art!

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